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How to Get Free Takeaway: A Guide for UK Customers


Everyone loves a good takeaway meal, but the cost can add up quickly. The good news is that there are various ways to enjoy free takeaway without compromising on quality or taste. In this article, we will explore several methods that UK customers can use to get complimentary meals from their favorite local restaurants. So, let’s dive in and discover how you can indulge in delicious takeaways without spending a penny.

1. Loyalty Programs

One of the most common ways to enjoy free takeaway is through loyalty programs offered by many restaurants. These programs reward customers for their regular patronage by providing discounts, special offers, and even free meals. Signing up for these programs is usually free and can often be done online or through a mobile app. By accumulating points with every purchase, you can unlock rewards, such as free food or drinks. Some restaurants offer exclusive promotions to loyal customers, making it easier to earn free takeaways.

2. Refer-a-Friend

Many restaurants incentivize customers to refer their friends by offering freebies as a thank you. Check if your favorite takeaway joint has a refer-a-friend program where both you and your friend can benefit from a free meal. Typically, you will receive a unique referral code that you can share. When your friend makes their first purchase using your code, both of you will receive a reward, which can range from a percentage off your next order to a completely free takeaway.

Pro Tip: Spread the word about your referral code on social media platforms or among your colleagues and acquaintances to maximize your chances of earning free takeaways.

3. Contests and Giveaways

Follow your preferred takeaway restaurants on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay updated on any ongoing contests or giveaways. Many restaurants host competitions where customers can win free food or takeaway vouchers by simply participating. Keep an eye out for those trivia questions, caption competitions, or hashtag challenges and try your luck. Additionally, some restaurants may organize random giveaways from time to time, so make sure to engage with their posts and show your support.

Quote: “I won a free takeaway voucher by correctly answering a quiz organized by my favorite restaurant. It felt like a double treat, both delicious and cost-free!” – John, Manchester

4. Review and Feedback Rewards

Most businesses value customer feedback, and takeaways are no exception. Some restaurants offer incentives for leaving reviews or filling out feedback surveys. This could mean earning loyalty points, discount codes, or even free meals. Check if your favorite takeaway joint has a review reward program in place and provide honest feedback to reap the benefits. Your opinion matters, and you might just find yourself enjoying a complimentary meal as a token of appreciation.

5. Seasonal and Special Promotions

Keep an eye out for seasonal and special promotions that restaurants run throughout the year. During festive occasions like Christmas, New Year, or Valentine’s Day, many takeaways offer exclusive deals and discounts. These promotions often include free extras, buy-one-get-one-free offers, or even complimentary meals when you order above a certain amount. Stay updated with newsletters from your favorite restaurants or visit their websites regularly to ensure you don’t miss out on these limited-time opportunities.

6. Food Delivery Apps and Platforms

In recent years, food delivery apps and platforms have become immensely popular, offering convenience and a wide range of choices to customers. These platforms often partner with local restaurants and frequently feature promotional offers and discounts. Some apps may have a referral program where you can invite friends to join, earning you both free credits towards your next takeaway. By keeping an eye on these apps and exploring their deals and loyalty programs, you can enjoy a variety of free takeaways.


Getting free takeaway meals in the UK is entirely possible if you know where to look and take advantage of various promotions and rewards offered by restaurants. From loyalty programs to refer-a-friend benefits, contests, review rewards, seasonal promotions, and food delivery apps, there are multiple avenues to explore. By being proactive and keeping yourself informed about the latest offerings, you can indulge in delicious takeaways without burning a hole in your pocket. So, start exploring and make the most of these opportunities to enjoy complimentary meals from your favorite local restaurants.

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