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How to Get Free Pokeballs in Pokemon GO


Pokemon GO is a popular augmented reality game that has taken the world by storm. With millions of players worldwide, it’s no surprise that finding ways to get free resources in the game, such as Pokeballs, is a topic of great interest. In this article, we will explore various methods and strategies to help UK players acquire free Pokeballs and enhance their gaming experience.

1. Visit PokeStops

One of the most straightforward ways to obtain free Pokeballs is by visiting PokeStops. These real-world landmarks, such as monuments or public art installations, are marked on your in-game map. When you get close enough to a PokeStop, simply tap on it and spin the disc that appears on your screen. This action will release items, including Pokeballs, for you to collect. Make sure to visit as many PokeStops as possible during your gameplay sessions to maximize your chances of obtaining free Pokeballs.

2. Level Up

As you progress in Pokemon GO and gain experience points (XP), you will gradually level up your trainer. Each time you level up, you will receive various rewards, including Pokeballs. By focusing on completing tasks, catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, participating in raids, and battling at gyms, you can accumulate XP more quickly and increase your chances of obtaining free Pokeballs as part of your level-up rewards.

“Leveling up not only unlocks new features and Pokemon in the game but also provides a valuable source of free Pokeballs.”

3. Participate in Community Events

Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, frequently organizes community events that offer exclusive rewards and bonuses to players. These events often provide increased opportunities to obtain free Pokeballs. Keep an eye on the official Pokemon GO social media channels, website, and in-game notifications for updates on upcoming events.

Additionally, joining local Pokemon GO groups, whether on social media or in-person, can help you stay informed about community-specific events, such as park meetups or group hunts, which may provide additional chances to obtain free resources, including Pokeballs.

4. Complete Research Tasks

Pokemon GO features a “Research” feature with daily and special research tasks. By completing these tasks, you can earn rewards, including Pokeballs. Daily tasks are available to all players and often require relatively simple actions, such as catching a specific type of Pokemon or visiting a certain number of PokeStops. Special research tasks, on the other hand, may have more involved objectives, but offer greater rewards upon completion.

By consistently completing research tasks, you can accrue free Pokeballs and other valuable items, providing an excellent way to stock up on resources without spending real money.

5. Battle in Raids and Gyms

Engaging in battles at gyms and participating in raids not only offers thrilling gameplay experiences but also rewards players with various items, including Pokeballs. By successfully defeating raid bosses or claiming gyms, you can receive bundles of free Pokeballs as part of your victory spoils.

Collaborating with other players in raids and strategizing effectively can increase your chances of success in these battles, ultimately leading to more free Pokeballs to add to your inventory.


While purchasing Pokeballs may be a tempting option for some Pokemon GO players, acquiring them for free is not only possible but also rewarding. By making use of the strategies outlined in this article, UK players can ensure a steady supply of free Pokeballs, enhancing their gameplay experience while saving on in-app purchases.

Remember, regularly visiting PokeStops, leveling up your trainer, participating in community events, completing research tasks, and battling in raids and gyms are all effective methods to stock up on Pokeballs without spending a penny. So get out there, catch ’em all, and enjoy the wonderful world of Pokemon GO!

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