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How to Get Free Nando’s: A Guide for UK Food Lovers


Who doesn’t love a delicious meal at Nando’s? The popular chain of casual dining restaurants offers a tantalizing menu packed with mouth-watering grilled chicken and a variety of flavorful sauces. While enjoying a meal at Nando’s is undeniably delightful, wouldn’t it be even better if you could get it for free? In this article, we will explore some strategies and opportunities that can help you experience the joy of free Nando’s meals.

1. Loyalty Programs

Many businesses, including Nando’s, offer loyalty programs as a way to reward their regular customers. Signing up for Nando’s loyalty program can be an excellent way to earn freebies such as complimentary meals, discounts, or special offers. Take advantage of this opportunity by joining their loyalty program through their website or mobile app. Once you are a member, you’ll be notified about exclusive deals and promotions, which may include occasional free meals or discounted options.

2. Social Media Contests

Nando’s frequently runs social media contests and giveaways, providing their followers with a chance to win free meals or vouchers. Be sure to follow Nando’s UK social media accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Keep an eye out for any contests they organize and follow their instructions for participation. Engaging with their posts, sharing your favorite Nando’s moments, or tagging friends could increase your chances of winning. It’s important to remember that these contests usually have specific rules, so make sure you comply with all requirements to qualify.

“Engaging with Nando’s social media accounts and participating in their contests can be a rewarding experience, quite literally!” – Nando’s fan and contest winner, Sarah M.

3. Birthday Perks

Many restaurant chains, including Nando’s, offer special birthday perks to their customers. By simply signing up for Nando’s loyalty program or newsletter, you might receive a voucher for a free meal or a discount on your birthday. Ensure that you provide accurate birth date details during the signup process, as this will enable Nando’s to send you a delightful surprise when your special day arrives.

4. Student Discounts

If you’re a student in the UK, you’re in luck! Nando’s offers a student discount program through partnerships with specific institutions. Check with your university or college to see if they have a partnership with Nando’s that allows you to enjoy exclusive discounts or free meals. Presenting a valid student ID card at participating Nando’s locations can potentially save you money and even result in complimentary meals.

5. Feedback and Surveys

Nando’s values customer feedback and uses surveys as a means to improve their offerings. Keep an eye out for survey invitations printed on your receipts or sent via email after visiting a Nando’s restaurant. These surveys typically take a few minutes to complete and, as a token of appreciation, Nando’s may reward you with a voucher for a free meal or a discount as a thank you for sharing your valuable opinions.

6. Charity Events and Partnerships

Nando’s actively engages in charity events and community partnerships. Keep an eye on your local community notice boards or online platforms for announcements about Nando’s involvement in such initiatives. Attending these events or supporting their partner organizations can sometimes lead to unexpected rewards, including free Nando’s meals.


While getting free meals at Nando’s may require a bit of effort and luck, it is entirely possible with the right approach. By taking advantage of loyalty programs, participating in social media contests, enjoying birthday perks, utilizing student discounts, providing feedback through surveys, and staying informed about charity events and partnerships, you increase your chances of experiencing the joy of a free Nando’s meal. So, don’t hesitate to explore these opportunities and indulge in the flavors of peri-peri chicken without worrying about the price tag.

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