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How to Get Free LinkedIn Premium: Unlocking Professional Opportunities

An Introduction to LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn has become the go-to platform for professionals worldwide to connect, share knowledge, and explore career opportunities. With over 740 million members globally, LinkedIn offers a plethora of features that can help individuals advance their careers and expand their professional networks. Among these features is LinkedIn Premium, a subscription-based service that provides enhanced tools and insights for users seeking to take their professional journeys to the next level.

While LinkedIn Premium offers an array of benefits, such as advanced search filters, access to LinkedIn Learning courses, and the ability to send InMail messages to anyone on the platform, it does come with a price tag. However, there are ways to potentially access LinkedIn Premium for free. In this article, we will explore some strategies that UK professionals can employ to unlock LinkedIn Premium without opening their wallets.

1. Leverage LinkedIn’s Free Trial Offers

LinkedIn occasionally offers free trials of its Premium services to both new and existing users. These trials typically last around one month and grant users full access to all the premium features available. It is worth periodically checking your LinkedIn inbox or notifications to see if you have received any trial offers. Additionally, look out for promotions LinkedIn may advertise on its website or social media platforms.

2. Utilize LinkedIn’s Rewards Programs

LinkedIn has introduced rewards programs in the past to incentivize users to engage more with the platform. These programs often grant users access to LinkedIn Premium features based on specific achievements or milestones. For example, LinkedIn’s Student Program offers free access to Premium Career for eligible university students, which includes benefits like enhanced job insights and interview preparation tools. Stay updated on LinkedIn’s blog and announcements to be aware of any upcoming rewards programs that you may qualify for.

3. Exploit the LinkedIn Premium Free Month Referrals

LinkedIn allows Premium members to invite their connections to try out LinkedIn Premium for free for one month. If you have a trusted connection who is a Premium member, you can request them to extend an invitation to you. This way, you can experience the benefits of LinkedIn Premium without paying any fees. Keep in mind that this option relies on having a connection willing to vouch for you and share their referral code, so be sure to reach out to your network and ask if they would be willing to help you unlock LinkedIn Premium.

Pro Tip: When reaching out to your connections, be courteous and explain why you believe LinkedIn Premium would be valuable to you. Personalize your message to increase the likelihood of them sharing their referral code.

4. Explore LinkedIn’s Partner Programs

LinkedIn has partnered with various organizations and institutions to offer access to LinkedIn Premium as part of their programs. For example, some universities provide their alumni with free LinkedIn Premium accounts to support their career development. Additionally, certain companies and job boards offer free or discounted LinkedIn Premium access to their employees or job seekers. Check with your university, employer, or job search platforms to see if they have any partnerships that could grant you access to LinkedIn Premium.

5. Attend LinkedIn Events and Webinars

LinkedIn regularly hosts events and webinars focused on professional development, career advancement, and networking. These events often feature industry experts and thought leaders who offer insights and strategies to leverage the platform effectively. Some of these events may offer perks such as extended trials or free access to LinkedIn Premium as part of attending or participating. Keep an eye on LinkedIn’s events section to find opportunities that align with your professional goals.


While LinkedIn Premium provides a range of exclusive features to maximize professional growth and opportunities, it is not always accessible to everyone due to its associated cost. However, by leveraging free trial offers, rewards programs, referrals, partner programs, and attending LinkedIn events, UK professionals can potentially access LinkedIn Premium without having to pay. Remember to regularly check your LinkedIn notifications, engage with the platform, and maintain an active professional network to increase your chances of unlocking the benefits that LinkedIn Premium has to offer. Start exploring these strategies today and open doors to new opportunities in your professional journey.

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