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How to Get Free Deliveroo: A Guide for UK Customers


Deliveroo has become a popular food delivery service in the UK, providing convenience and a wide range of culinary options to customers across the country. While there are delivery fees associated with using the platform, there are also ways to enjoy free Deliveroo deliveries. In this article, we will explore various strategies and promotions that can help you get your favorite meals delivered right to your door without any additional costs.

Loyalty Programs and Credit Offers

One of the most effective ways to access free Deliveroo deliveries is by taking advantage of loyalty programs and credit offers. Deliveroo frequently collaborates with banks, credit card providers, and other partners to offer their customers exclusive deals and rewards. These programs often grant you credits or discounts that can be redeemed towards future orders, including delivery fees.

For instance, some banks may provide cashback or Deliveroo credits when you use their credit cards for transactions. By earning these credits, you can offset the delivery charges on your next order or even enjoy a completely free delivery. It is worth researching the offers available from your bank or credit card provider to see if they have any collaborations with Deliveroo. Keep an eye out for promotional emails, newsletters, or social media posts as well, as they often contain announcements regarding such partnerships.

Referral Programs

Deliveroo also operates a referral program that allows you to earn free delivery credits by inviting friends to join the platform. When you refer a friend who signs up and completes an order using your referral code, both you and your friend receive credits that can be used for future deliveries. This is a fantastic way to spread the word about Deliveroo while benefiting from the savings it offers.

To take advantage of the referral program, simply log in to your Deliveroo account and look for the referral option in your account settings or profile. You will find a unique referral code that you can share with friends via email, messaging apps, or social media platforms. Whenever someone signs up and makes their first purchase using your code, both of you will be rewarded with credits to use towards free deliveries.

Promotions and Discounts

Deliveroo often runs various promotions and discounts, allowing customers to enjoy free deliveries or reduced delivery fees. These promotions can be seasonal, tied to specific restaurants or cuisines, or even offered on certain days of the week. To stay informed about these offers, it is recommended to follow Deliveroo’s social media channels, subscribe to their newsletter, or check their website regularly.

It is also worth exploring third-party websites that aggregate deals and discounts from multiple food delivery platforms. These platforms often include Deliveroo promotions that can help you save money on delivery fees. Additionally, keep an eye out for promotional codes or vouchers that may be shared by restaurants or brands collaborating with Deliveroo. These codes can often be entered during the checkout process to unlock free or discounted deliveries.

Delivery Passes

For frequent users of Deliveroo, investing in a delivery pass can provide significant cost savings. Deliveroo offers subscription-based plans known as “delivery passes” that allow you to enjoy unlimited free deliveries for a fixed monthly fee. These passes are available in different durations (usually one month or three months) and can be a great choice if you order meals regularly.

By subscribing to a delivery pass, you eliminate the need to pay individual delivery fees for each order, making it a cost-effective solution, especially if you order multiple times in a month. The specific terms and prices of delivery passes may vary over time, so it is recommended to check Deliveroo’s website for the most up-to-date information regarding this option.

In Conclusion

While Deliveroo charges delivery fees for its services, there are several strategies you can employ to enjoy free deliveries or significantly reduce the associated costs. By taking advantage of loyalty programs, referral schemes, promotions, and delivery passes, you can indulge in your favorite meals without worrying about additional charges. Remember to stay informed about the latest offers, as Deliveroo frequently introduces new promotions and collaborations that can save you money.

“Utilizing loyalty programs, referral schemes, and promotional campaigns can greatly enhance your Deliveroo experience, ensuring free and convenient deliveries.”

Whether it’s through the partnerships Deliveroo has with banks or credit card companies, referral programs, or seasonal promotions, be sure to explore these options to make the most of your Deliveroo orders. Additionally, subscribing to a delivery pass can be an excellent choice for frequent users who want to enjoy unlimited free deliveries.

By employing these strategies, you can satisfy your cravings with hassle-free food delivery while keeping more money in your pocket.

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