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How to Get Free Credits in Rocket League

Do you love playing Rocket League but find yourself constantly running out of credits? Fear not, because we have the inside scoop on how to get free credits in this popular game. Rocket League is a high-octane soccer and driving hybrid game that has taken the gaming community by storm. In this article, we will explore various methods and strategies to help you acquire those coveted credits without spending a penny.

The Importance of Credits in Rocket League

Credits are an essential in-game currency in Rocket League that allow players to unlock various customization items such as car skins, wheels, decals, and more. These credits can also be used to trade with other players, giving you the opportunity to obtain rare items and create the perfect personalized vehicle for your gaming sessions.

While you can purchase credits directly from the in-game store, getting them for free is a much more appealing option for most players. So, without further ado, let’s dive into some effective ways to earn free credits in Rocket League.

1. Participate in Seasonal Events

Rocket League regularly hosts seasonal events, such as Haunted Hallows or Frosty Fest, which offer opportunities to earn free credits. These events often introduce limited-time game modes or challenges that reward players with event-specific currency or items. By completing these challenges and accumulating event currency, you can unlock various rewards, including credits.

Pro Tip: Keep an eye out for any upcoming seasonal events by following official Rocket League social media channels, as the game developers frequently announce these events and their associated rewards in advance.

2. Trade-In Unwanted Items

If you have accumulated a collection of unwanted items in your inventory, consider utilizing the trade-in feature to exchange them for credits. Rocket League allows players to trade in five items of the same rarity for a single item of higher rarity. By consistently trading in these items, you can eventually obtain higher-value items that can be further exchanged for credits.

“Trade-ins are an excellent way to turn unwanted items into valuable credits. Make sure to check the market value of the items you plan to trade, as some may offer higher returns than others.”

– Rocket League veteran player

3. Participate in Tournaments

Rocket League hosts regular competitive tournaments where players can showcase their skills and earn rewards. These tournaments often offer credits as one of the prizes for successful participants. By joining tournaments and performing well, you stand a chance to win free credits while enjoying competitive gameplay.

Pro Tip: Team up with friends or find like-minded players to form a team. This will enhance your chances of winning tournaments and securing those precious free credits.

4. Trade with Other Players

The Rocket League community thrives on player-to-player trades. By actively engaging in trading, you can build connections with other players who might be interested in swapping items for credits. Be on the lookout for traders offering credits in exchange for items you possess. However, exercise caution and ensure you are trading with trusted individuals to avoid scams or unfair deals.

5. Participate in Esports Tournaments

Esports tournaments provide another avenue for earning free credits in Rocket League. Keep an eye out for official competitive events hosted by Psyonix, the developers of Rocket League. These tournaments often offer viewership rewards, where you can earn credits simply by watching the tournament streams on platforms like Twitch.

Pro Tip: Link your Rocket League account to your streaming platform account to ensure that you receive the rewards while watching the tournament streams.


While acquiring credits in Rocket League can be challenging, following these strategies will undoubtedly help you secure those valuable resources for free. Keep in mind that patience and persistence are key, as some methods may require consistent effort over time. So, get out there, participate in events, trade wisely, and enjoy the thrill of customizing your Rocket League experience without spending a dime!

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