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How to Get Free Bumps on Vinted

Vinted has become a popular online marketplace where individuals can buy and sell pre-loved clothing, shoes, and accessories. One of the key features that helps sellers gain visibility for their listings is the ability to promote them using bumps. Bumps ensure that your items appear higher in search results, increasing the chances of attracting potential buyers. In this article, we will explore several strategies to help you get free bumps on Vinted.

1. Utilize Vinted’s Daily Perks

Vinted offers its users daily perks that include free bumps. These perks can be claimed by logging into the app daily and are a great way to get free bumps without spending any money. Make sure to check Vinted’s notifications or the ‘Perks’ section within the app to stay updated on the available offers.

2. Participate in Community Events

Vinted often organizes community events such as challenges or competitions. By actively participating in these events, you can earn free bumps. These events may require you to share specific items from your closet or engage with other Vinted members. Keep an eye on the Vinted newsfeed or subscribe to their newsletters to stay informed about upcoming events and opportunities to earn free bumps.

3. Invite Friends to Join Vinted

Another way to get free bumps on Vinted is by referring friends to join the platform. When you invite someone new to Vinted using your unique referral code or link, both you and your referred friend can receive free bumps as a reward. This not only helps you get bumps for free but also expands your network on Vinted, potentially leading to more sales.

Pro tip: Share your referral code or link on social media platforms, forums, or with friends who may be interested in buying or selling on Vinted.

4. Become an Active Community Member

Vinted values active community members and often rewards them with free bumps. Here are a few ways you can demonstrate your engagement:

  1. Leave helpful comments: When browsing the listings, provide insightful comments or answer questions from other users. This shows your willingness to contribute to the community.
  2. Participate in discussions: Engage in conversations within Vinted’s forums and groups. Sharing your knowledge, experiences, and tips can help establish you as a trusted and active member.
  3. Review your purchases: After receiving an item you purchased, take the time to review and rate the seller. Honest and positive reviews can enhance your reputation as a buyer, potentially leading to free bumps from sellers who appreciate your feedback.

5. Offer Bundle Deals

One effective strategy to attract more buyers and potentially receive free bumps is by offering bundle deals. Bundling multiple items from your closet and selling them together can be appealing to buyers looking for a variety of items or seeking discounts. By promoting bundle deals, you increase the chances of getting free bumps from Vinted as they encourage sellers to provide special offers.

6. Keep Your Closet Active

Consistently adding new listings and keeping your closet active increases your visibility on Vinted. Regularly updating your listings helps you get noticed by potential buyers and improves your chances of receiving free bumps from Vinted as a reward for contributing to the platform’s growth.


In conclusion, there are several ways to get free bumps on Vinted, which can significantly enhance your visibility as a seller. By utilizing Vinted’s daily perks, participating in community events, referring friends to join, being an active member of the community, offering bundle deals, and keeping your closet active, you can maximize your chances of receiving free bumps. Remember, engaging with the Vinted platform and community not only helps you get free bumps but also establishes your reputation as a reliable and trusted seller or buyer. Start implementing these strategies today and watch your sales soar on Vinted.

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