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Can I Get Free Dental Treatment if I Have Cancer?

Cancer is a challenging and emotionally taxing journey for anyone who faces it. Alongside the physical and mental toll of the disease, individuals often have to navigate through a maze of medical treatments, appointments, and expenses. Dental health may not be the primary concern for those undergoing cancer treatment, but it is an important aspect that should not be overlooked.

In the United Kingdom, individuals diagnosed with cancer may be eligible for free dental treatment. The National Health Service (NHS) offers various exemptions and support to ensure that cancer patients receive the necessary oral care during their treatment and recovery period.

Eligibility for Free Dental Treatment

Everyone in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland is entitled to free dental treatment if they meet certain criteria. These criteria include being under the age of 18, being in full-time education up to the age of 19, being pregnant or having given birth within the past 12 months, or being on specific state benefits. However, a cancer diagnosis brings additional entitlements for dental treatment.

If you have cancer, you are entitled to free NHS dental treatment if:

  1. You are undergoing cancer treatment, including chemotherapy or radiotherapy.
  2. You have had surgery to your face, head, or neck as part of your cancer treatment.
  3. You are prescribed medication that causes dry mouth as a side effect.

It’s crucial to inform your dentist about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan, allowing them to assess your eligibility for free dental treatment.

The Importance of Dental Care During Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can have various effects on oral health. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy can cause side effects such as mouth sores, dry mouth, gum inflammation, and tooth decay. These oral complications can be painful and may interfere with cancer treatment itself.

Regular dental check-ups and appropriate oral care during cancer treatment are vital to prevent oral health issues and manage existing problems effectively. Dental professionals have the expertise to identify and address potential complications before they escalate, ensuring that conditions such as tooth decay or gum disease do not worsen during cancer treatment.

Obtaining Free Dental Treatment

To obtain free dental treatment as a cancer patient, follow these steps:

  1. Inform your dentist about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan.
  2. Provide any necessary documentation or evidence, such as letters from your oncologist or surgeon.
  3. If eligible, complete the necessary exemption form (FP92A) available at your dentist’s office or via the NHS website.
  4. Submit the exemption form along with any supporting documentation to your dentist.

Once you have completed these steps, you will be exempt from paying for NHS dental treatment while you are undergoing cancer treatment. It is important to keep your exemption status up to date by informing your dentist if your circumstances change.

Other Financial Assistance

In addition to free dental treatment, there are other financial assistance programs available to cancer patients in the UK. These include benefits such as Personal Independence Payment (PIP), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), and Attendance Allowance (AA). These benefits can help cover the cost of general living expenses, including dental care.

It is advisable to reach out to relevant government agencies or charitable organizations specializing in cancer support to explore all available financial assistance options.

“Accessing free dental treatment as a cancer patient can alleviate one aspect of the financial burden associated with cancer treatment. Regular dental check-ups and care during this period are crucial to maintaining oral health and overall well-being.” – Dr. Sarah Johnson, British Dental Association.


Cancer patients in the UK are entitled to free dental treatment while undergoing cancer treatment, as well as exemption from charges related to their dental care. It is essential to inform your dentist about your cancer diagnosis and treatment plan to ensure you receive the appropriate support and access necessary treatment.

Maintaining good oral health during cancer treatment is vital for overall well-being and preventing oral complications that may interfere with cancer therapies. Regular dental check-ups, proper oral care, and timely intervention can help manage and prevent oral health issues associated with cancer treatment.

Remember, in addition to free dental treatment, there may be other financial assistance programs available to help cover the cost of living expenses during cancer treatment. Explore all the avenues for support, both dental and otherwise, to alleviate some of the financial burdens associated with cancer.

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