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Can I Get a Free Oyster Card at 60?


The Oyster card has become an essential part of traveling in London, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to pay for public transportation. For those reaching the age of 60, there is often confusion about whether they are entitled to a free Oyster card. In this article, we will explore the eligibility criteria for obtaining a free Oyster card at 60, the benefits it offers, and how to apply.

Eligibility Criteria for a Free Oyster Card

To be eligible for a free Oyster card at the age of 60, you must fulfill specific requirements. The primary criterion is residing in London and being aged 60 or above. Additionally, you need to provide proof of your age and address when applying for the card. Accepted documents as proof of address include utility bills, bank statements, and council tax statements. Proof of age can be provided through a passport, driving license, or other government-issued identification cards.

It is important to note that these free Oyster cards are specifically available for London residents who are 60 or above, and not for visitors or individuals living outside London. If you fall within this category, you are entitled to several benefits that the free Oyster card offers.

The Benefits of a Free Oyster Card

Once you have successfully obtained a free Oyster card at the age of 60, you can enjoy various benefits that can enhance your travel experience in London. These benefits include:

  1. Free Travel: With a free Oyster card, you can travel for free on buses, trams, and the London Underground (commonly known as the Tube) within London.
  2. Discounted Travel: In addition to free travel, a free Oyster card also grants you access to discounted fares on National Rail services within London, known as the Freedom Pass. This allows you to explore areas outside of the city as well.
  3. Concessionary Fares: Some transport operators offer concessionary fares for Oyster cardholders aged 60 or above. This can apply to additional services such as riverboats or the Emirates Air Line cable car.

These benefits make having a free Oyster card at 60 highly valuable, not only for everyday commuting but also for leisurely activities and exploring the vibrant city of London.

How to Apply for a Free Oyster Card

Applying for a free Oyster card at the age of 60 is a straightforward process. There are multiple ways to apply, including online, by phone, or by post. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Online Application: Visit the official Transport for London (TfL) website and navigate to the application page for the 60+ Oyster photocard. Fill in the required personal details, upload the necessary documents as proof of address and age, and submit the application.
  2. Phone Application: Call the TfL Customer Service helpline and provide the necessary details over the phone. They will guide you through the application process and inform you about any additional steps required.
  3. Postal Application: Download and print the application form from the TfL website. Complete the form, attach the required documents, and send it to the address provided on the form.

It is essential to ensure that you have the necessary supporting documentation ready before applying. Missing or incomplete documents can delay the processing of your application.


In conclusion, if you are a London resident aged 60 or above, you are eligible for a free Oyster card. The card provides numerous benefits, including free travel on buses, trams, and the London Underground within the city, discounted fares on National Rail services, and access to concessionary fares. The application process is relatively simple, and you can apply online, by phone, or by post. With a free Oyster card, you can make the most of your travels in London and enjoy convenient and cost-effective transportation options.

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